About Us

Vital Business Solutions (VBS) are an Australian owned and operated business systems development and support company based in Adelaide, South Australia.

VBS specialises in Alert.

Alert is designed by IT experts, for IT experts.

VBS has behind it a team of skilled IT consultants, management consultants, business analysts and programmer / analysts that are very much in tune with IT business requirements of today.

VBS offer a ‘One Stop Shop’ approach.

Team Spirit
A team spirit and culture that places emphasis on the provision of timely and efficient service has been nurtured at VBS.

This means:
  • Concentrating on being business solution providers, not simply software vendors
  • Customer focussed staff and management
  • Being responsive to new business requirements
  • Strive for continuous improvement
Team Skills
It is important that VBS are able to provide professional services in a number of key business and technical areas.

Staff include management consultants, business analysts, programmer / analysts, quality assurance staff and product support staff.

Each customer is assigned an account manager and all projects are assigned a project manager.

VBS are able to provide a "Full Service" from system setup and configuration through to staff application training.

Among VBS's skills and experience is:
  • IT Project management from small to large scale international IT projects
  • Strong business requirements interpretation skills, specifically in the area of Business Management systems
  • Competencies in computer systems management, computer and network infrastructure
  • Skills in Internet and Intranet business systems
  • Experience at managing technology driven change