Alert Overview

Alert is a business management system specifically designed to meet the operational and business management needs of information technology (IT) product and service organisations and corporate IT departments. Alert helps organisations dramatically improve critical IT business processes to increase profits and performance.

Alert is an integrated system that manages the full project life cycle from initial customer request to delivery and billings. Projects form the hub of Alert with all activities, both core and supporting, being managed by projects.

All business activities are linked to and managed by projects for the purpose of gaining control and visibility over the activities.

Alert may be deployed as an enterprise system concurrently managing multiple and separate individual companies or as a single company system. Alert is also multi-currency capable allowing each Company to operate in a 'Local' currency and transact with customers in multiple foreign currencies.

Alert management covers the following functions and activities:-

  • Resource planning / scheduling
  • Time recording
  • Managing customer requests
  • Managing billings
  • Service delivery
  • Quoting and estimating
  • Software production, testing and delivery
  • Research and development management
  • Profit and contribution control and analysis