Alert Services

Alert Services are available to assist you achieve your goals within your timeframe.

A complete range of customer support services are provided to ensure your usage of Alert meets and exceeds your expectations.

These services range from software, implementation, infrastructure setup, including internet services, on going management, development and support for the system.

Vital Business Solutions (VBS) uses the latest proven techniques to support customers with their own in house Alert system.

A combination of support methods including a direct line of contact with skilled technical and application staff, various services in the customers Web service desk and e-mail provide an effective basis for support.

A network connection to the customers computer also enables VBS to reach the customers computer anywhere in the world within a few minutes. Web based updates also provide an efficient means of distributing software and documentation.

The VBS central support team can be working with your people to resolve any problems without the need to travel. They have all their resources at hand at VBS. If required your system can be updated over the network.

The central team is supplemented by consultants, application specialists, technical specialists and trainers who visit clients for those tasks which can only effectively be done face to face.

VBS have developed a track record of providing high levels of support to clients using the Alert system and welcome new customers verifying this with existing customers.

The direct line of contact with technical staff provides ready access to VBS support specialists for your business. You benefit from the use of these high level resources.

We are committed to a policy of continuous system and support improvement.