Alert Business Benefits

Reasons to Buy
Key reasons to buy Alert include:
  • Cost control by project / employee is strategic to the businesses success
  • Pro-active client service / issue management is a critical success factor
  • Current systems do not provide adequate management information
  • ‘Management by Projects’ is informally practised and in a manual fashion
  • Knowledge management and collaborative communication with clients

Business Benefits
Alert delivers benefits in many areas of the business. Some are directly measurable in dollar terms while others are somewhat harder to measure.

Business benefits include:
  • Resource efficiency gains
  • Better team collaboration and knowledge sharing
  • Improved customer service and satisfaction
  • Project cost control
  • Greater IT investment visibility
  • Real time information and business health statistics

Alert Differentiators
Primary competitive differentiators for Alert include:-
  • Enterprise Management System designed specifically for IT businesses
  • A practical solution focussed on business efficiencies
  • Integrates ALL functions of the business for TOTAL business control
  • Supports Web based customer service delivery
  • Backed up by IT business management specialists
  • Comprehensive Financial Management with accurate period based profitability reporting
  • Defined software production and delivery processes
  • Manages the business and not simply discreet projects
  • Enterprise level management. Alert allows multiple and separate companies to be managed in the one Alert system
  • Each Company will be managed and report in a single 'Local' currency but may operate and transact in multiple Foreign Currencies
  • Enterprise level, corporate reporting in a single selected reporting currency
  • Central, enterprise wide resource pool (employees) that may work on projects for any Company