How Alert can help you

Alert provides the whole team, from CEO to account managers, with the tools and information essential to be effective in their jobs.

Chief Executive Officer
  • Single page Key Performance Indicator reports on weekly and financial period basis
  • Report Capacity, Utilisation, Utilisation %, Gross Margin and more
  • Macro view of business performance
  • Multi dimensional analysis of performance
  • Low level detailed analysis to project and employee
  • Accurate financial period revenue, cost and margin reporting
  • Reporting of Sales, Revenue and Billings

General Manager / CIO
  • Plan resource usage and then monitor actual against plan
  • Plan at any level required depending on the nature of the work i.e. from Project Plan Task through to Customer or Service.
  • Report Fixed Price V's Time and Material Services performance
  • Define different business activities and manage these independently ie professional services V's software maintenance
  • Set service and product pricing and monitor performance to these
  • Set performance criteria such as customer service, contribution rates, billing ratios and measure actual against these
  • Single page Key Performance Indicator reports on weekly and financial period basis
  • Multiple project view of business activity
  • Manage services, software products and other products independently
  • Exception reports to highlight problem areas
  • Ready access to summary and detailed information on all business activity

Chief Financial Officer
  • Manage and report Capacity, Utilisation, Utilisation % - by company, profit centre, employee etc
  • Report Fixed Price V's Time and Material Services performance
  • Monitor Billable and Non Billable Time
  • Report Billable ratio's and contributions in real time, by project, employee, customer etc
  • Earned value management and reporting - Revenue earned and not yet billed AND Revenue billed and not yet earned
  • Automated billing facilities - T&M and Fixed Price
  • Order management for reporting Sales, Billings and Revenue
  • Outstanding Order values reported - future chargeable work
  • Standard price lists - services, software product and other items
  • Extensive services performance reporting by profit centre, line of business, software product, employee etc
  • Forecast cash flows
  • Customer terms and specific customer project terms recorded in Alert
  • Electronic (.pdf) documents including invoices and credits
  • Financial performance reporting at the level of project and / or service and employee level if required
  • Forecast billing schedules and actual billing schedules by period
  • Employee revenue and costs reporting for employee contribution analysis
  • Very flexible revenue and margin reporting, graphing all supported up by multi dimensional analysis tool for ad hoc 'slice and dice' reporting.
  • Key Performance Indicators available in real time as graphs and reports, also with analysis tools, including Billable Ratio's, Contribution Rates, Billable Rates etc

Services / Consulting Practise Manager
  • Logging and visibility of future work
  • Resource scheduling and planning tools
  • Resource and task skill recording and matching facilities
  • Forecast Billing and Revenue reports based on Forecast Resource Usage
  • Time and material or agreed costs service pricing
  • Flexible service pricing structures including multiple pricing items for same service ie for service variations such as time of day
  • Specific project based service pricing with configurable price lookup hierarchies
  • Billing terms, schedules and milestones recorded by project
  • Automatic service billing reports
  • Time, billing's and gross margin analysis optionally available at levels of Service, Service/Employee or Employee/Service
  • Define different service activities and manage these independently
  • 9 user configurable analysis codes for meaningful summary reporting of services
  • Quote and manage products, either software or other products within service projects

Account Manager
  • Real time customer based reports available from all areas / departments of the organisation ie Help
  • Desk, Consulting Services, Software Production, Finance etc
  • Ability to record potential future projects to use as a basis for future sales efforts
  • Capability to report and analyse profit trends and ranking's by customer
  • Historical customer service statistics available

Production Manager
  • Visibility of future work
  • Resource scheduling and planning tools
  • Resource and task skill recording and matching facilities
  • Software product object management including versioning and change management tools
  • Controlled production tools such as change / works orders linked to initiating requests, projects, timesheets, delivery etc
  • Employee time reporting enforceable by production manager at any level of project / task / activity / work unit for each employee
  • Flexible reporting and analysis of resource schedules and time worked with variations
  • Automated software kitting and delivery tools
  • Product change documentation integrated to production
  • Quality Assurance Manager
  • Logging and visibility of future work
  • Resource scheduling and planning tools
  • Resource and task skill recording and matching facilities
  • Flexible analysis of time and costs for testing work carried out
  • Capture and reporting of production performance such as number of errors, error turn around time etc

Project Manager
  • Manage fixed duration and ongoing projects
  • Record all projects and flexibly manage at the level of detail that the project warrants
  • Tightly integrated to Microsoft Project® for Project Planning
  • Single Enterprise Data Store of common information including Resources and Calendars
  • Microsoft Project Plans stored in Alert SQL Database for security and data access control
  • Microsoft Project Plan updates recorded in Alert for auditing of planning activities
  • View potential gross margin by project and analyse actual variations
  • Powerful Analysis Tools for analysing Forecast Resource Usage V's Planned Resource Usage V's
  • Actual Resource Usage
  • Project specific controls for level of timesheet entry and resource planning
  • On line, real time project summary details such as project timesheet entries, project billing's, current resource plans, system calculated remaining work estimates, summaries of linked requests / work items
  • Multiple project summary reports available over flexible report ranges
  • Many detailed project reports including work effort and financial reports
  • Accurate sales, cost and gross margin reporting of projects that span multiple financial periods
  • Ability to manage any billing schedule terms including billed in advance, part billing's, billed in arrears etc
Help Desk Manager
  • Central logging of all customer requests
  • Alert Handles all types of requests including software error, training, documentation change, consulting, software enhancements etc
  • Request lists visible on line with key progress information
  • Request status reports on outstanding and competed requests available
  • Web based customer request logging and tracking reports
  • Customer request performance statistics maintained in Alert and available in graph format including movements, average age etc
  • Detailed analysis of customer requests available using multi dimension analysis tool

Software Development Team Member
  • Defined production processes
  • On line work schedules definable at any level from project / task / activity / work unit
  • Time recording against production work
Quality Assurance Team Member
  • Testing facilities linked to software production for visibility of changes implemented
  • Automatic generation of test shells from production
  • Tests may be conducted at any time for any purpose
  • Tests link to software objects to ensure correct version of object is being tested
  • Multiple test iterations able to be performed with errors recorded by iteration
  • Test and error reports able to be produced

Services / Consulting Team Member
  • Record unlimited service notes against all service activities for future reference
  • On line service schedules definable at any level from project / task / activity
  • Automatically produce service reports for customer sign off and forwarding to accounts office
  • Easily check that all work performed has been billed

Application Support Team Member
  • Single knowledge base used to manage and record software product release notes / changes
  • Logging of application requests including bugs, enhancements, training etc performed in single knowledge base with flexible reporting and analysis by customer, issue, application module / object etc.
  • Application development roadmap managed in Alert
  • Future application releases fully documented during the course of production to allow advance notice of approaching changes
  • Application changes linked to initiating requests to allow lookup on who, why and when changes were made
  • Applications and versions in use by customers to the module level including customer specific variations are recorded in Alert to provide accurate information necessary for appropriate customer support
  • Web based customer service desks maintained dynamically from Alert database details - no user maintenance required
  • Web based application release notes reports available from customer service desks - dynamically available based on product release facility in Alert - no user maintenance required