Executive Summary

With software product 'life cycles' continuing to shorten and with the IT services market constantly re inventing itself, it is crucial that you have the appropriate tools to survive in this competitive business environment.

Alert provides not only the processes to make your IT business more efficient, it also provides the key up to date information needed for pro-active management of your business.

Alert's tangible business benefits include:

Increased Profits
  • More timely and accurate billings by integrated billing function to daily activities
  • Improved sales by monitoring customer needs
  • Reduce cost of sale through defined business processes
  • Improved time utilisation through better planning and monitoring of time usage
  • Improved quoting performance through integrated quote and pricing facilities with quote to actual reviews
  • Timely, accurate and detailed information on where profits are being generated and lost

Improved Quality
  • Defined processes for improved quality
  • Reduce costly errors through the use of production and delivery control mechanisms
  • Ensure delivery to requirements specifications through logging, tracking and managing requests through to delivery

Better Utilisation Of Time
  • Plan and track employees utilisation of time
  • Automated processes to achieve more in less time
  • Integrated system cuts out duplication of data entry and reporting effort

Improved Service
  • Knowledge base tracks all customer issues, responses and work performed
  • Pro active service delivery tools
  • Track and monitor service performance against service level agreements
  • Automated issue escalation and notifications to ensure all issues are attended to

Increased Management Control
  • Up to date, real time information on all business activities
  • Critical performance indicators
  • Single page business performance reports
  • Drill down analysis from high level indicators
Alert provides these benefits in a single integrated total business management system.

Vital Business Solutions believes that Alert provides your business with the above benefits at the lowest competitive system 'life cycle' costs.

It's one of the key reasons to do business with us!

We are confident of making this claim because our customers are proving it for themselves and for us. We invite you to judge us by the facts.